Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Soudough bread...finally!!

After two weeks, I have finally baked some sourdough loaves! They turned out pretty nice for a first try. I have been struggling with the starter for a while. My first batch even molded and I threw it out. I started back from scratch and it worked perfectly. The recipe that I used is from Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice.
The taste is different from any other bread that I have baked before. Tangy, yeasty, wheaty and just very good. The crumb is moist and the crust is chewy. I was afraid I over baked them because they registered almost 210F on the thermometer, but they are just perfect.
I have a large pain Poilane rising in the fridge right now also from BBA. More on that later...for now I am just enjoying my new bread. Sourdough may be more time consuming than other breads, but it is definitely worth it.
When I started this sourdough thing, I wondered why people go to such trouble instead of just using commercial yeast...but now I think I am starting to understand. There is something personal about growing your own wild yeast and watching as they slowly form into a crusty loaf. It makes it all worth while.


Susan said...

Hi Chad, that's some really great looking bread you made. I'm always happy to know other people who are excited about baking bread, so I'm glad I found your blog and I'll be looking forward to seeing those Poilane loaves. I thought your cinnamon buns also looked fantastic -- something I have never made, but yours made me want to.

Chad said...

Thanks Susan!