Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poilane-style miche

Well, here is the long awaited miche from Peter Reinhart's BBA. I think it turned out really good. I was actually very surprised because rarely do my breads look like the breads in cookbooks, but this one actually does.

BTW, has anyone ever tried to put a fully risen loaf this large onto a peel? I was scared that the thing would turn into a pancake, but I just said a little prayer and flopped it on there. It did lose a little bit of its gas, but the oven spring brought it back nicely.

I don't have much time to blog (as most of you do, I also have a real life, job and family), but I just had to get these pics up before I head off to work. I can't wait to try the bread tomorrow...
It smells like nothing I have ever baked before. You can smell the sourdough, wheat and the sweet smell of the crust all mixed into one. My house smells like a French bakery...I think...I don't really know that smell yet...maybe someday.


browndog said...

After seeing this miche at the fresh loaf, and being further captivated by the blog name, had to stop by. You're a terrific baker! What do you do with that much bread?

Chad said...

Thanks browndog...I have a big family...we eat it!!